What Clients Say…

As my professional coach, Neill has had a profound influence on my thinking, my decisions, and my career.

Perspective, wisdom, nuanced insight, relatability, accountability, structure, emotional intelligence, motivation and inspiration…

These are just some of the sharpest tools in Neill’s arsenal culled from a lifetime of personal and collective client experience that make him one of the most intelligent and insightful advisors I’ve ever known.

As my professional coach, Neill has had a profound influence on my thinking, my decisions, and my career. He’s helped me crack lifelong time management challenges and more closely align my values to what I do, ensure I thrive and find more lasting joy in my work. I’ve been a top performer my entire career, but Neill’s coaching is stretching me beyond what I knew was even possible and creating ripple effects across my team and peers who look to me for guidance. What a game changer Neill is!

Neill’s ability to effectuate change cannot be overstated. He builds the groundswell of data to inform and guide a pathway, offers a structured approach to execute on a plan, and the vision to know when to change course. A challenger by nature, he pushes the boundaries of what’s expected to imagine and realize what is possible.

I’m honored to work with and learn from Neill, professionally and personally. He’s a star among executive coaches and a true gem of a human.

IT Sales Executive

I would recommend Neill to anyone who needs help with their job search or is considering a career change.

I reached out to Neill when I found myself out of work and searching for a new job during the COVID-19 outbreak. I had been looking unsuccessfully for several months and then things got even more difficult with the impact and uncertainty of the pandemic.

With Neill’s help, I was able to get organized, navigate various bureaucracies to get the benefits I was entitled, put together a search strategy, develop my personal branding including my resume and LinkedIn profile, improve my communications with prospective employers and finally land the job I was looking for – with a significant pay increase and a step up in benefits! Through all of this, Neill’s ongoing support, guidance, experience, insight, and resources played a big part in my success.

I would recommend Neill to anyone who needs help with their job search or is considering a career change – it was an invaluable investment.  

Analytics and Market Research Executive

“…working with Neill was the highlight of my year last year.”

Admittedly, I was skeptical, even after I verbally committed to working with Neill, that any of this “coaching” would yield results. But I knew I was at a crossroads in my career, wanting to do something new, not entirely sure what that was or how to go about figuring it out, so I figured it was worth a try. I took the plunge.

As it turns out, working with Neill was the highlight of my year last year. Not only is he a great listener and incredibly supportive and encouraging, but he is excellent at connecting seemingly unrelated ideas (from my blabbering) and driving towards insights. Because of the work we did together, I am on the path to finding meaning in my work. I was able to narrow in on the way I want to contribute, which for me, is resulting in a pretty significant career change. I am taking steps to re-skill and build my network in that area. I’ll be forever grateful to Neill for guiding me through this transition.

Plant-Based Food Product Start-Up Innovation CoS

“I am very grateful to have worked with Neill and I am more confident in my future than ever before.”

I was introduced to Neill through a close friend and from the very beginning, he kept our conversations fluid and natural.

I was dedicated to making a career change and figuring out what I really wanted for my future. Neill was able to identify 3 areas to work on after 2 candid conversations. After some consideration, I knew that Neill would help me articulate my identity, build my confidence and make the necessary preparations to begin an extensive job search.

Neill always challenges you and forces you to think positively. After each meeting, I gradually saw my vision for the future becoming clear. I felt the weight of my fears and hesitations lifting with every exercise; allowing me to understand my value and potential.”

By listing out my values, I began making the distinction between what I truly want to do vs. what I thought I had to do. I am very grateful to have worked with Neill and I am more confident in my future than ever before. He is selfless when helping others understand themselves and his coaching makes the work all the more enjoyable.

Investor Relations Vice President

“I can always rely on Neill…”

Neill has a collaborative coaching style and approach that guides you through ever-evolving dimensions from where you are today to visioning sessions designed to articulate where you want to be. Each meeting builds off of the last and evaluates the constraints and boundaries that we as individuals have either placed on ourselves or have taken on from others and the world around us. He supports you with an open mind, listens intently and probes you to further self-evaluate your true motivations.

I can always rely on Neill to push me past my comfort zone, identify my strongest capabilities and explore the limitless aspirations. I’ve made a change to my previous role and am exploring an even more substantial change that I’ve not been courageous enough to yet act on, but am currently evaluating as I take my next steps… Thanks Neill for your support and coaching!

Management Consultant

“I recommend him with no reservations.”

Neill and I intersected for a brief amount of time when we worked together in management consulting…that is, before I was swiftly let go from the firm due to business challenges. At the time, I was very confused and overwhelmed about what future direction I should take in my life. Management consulting, which had been a pipe dream of mine for years, suddenly lost its appeal and glamour. I didn’t know where to turn.

Out of all the colleagues I spoke with for support, Neill provided me bold, unfiltered advice to open my mind to other careers outside of consulting. He helped broaden my vision to not rebound to a similar type of job, but to play on the offense in my own life–to pursue a job where I could naturally excel given my strengths. His advice landed me at an innovation and design firm, which eventually led me on a much more unpredictable and rewarding career path.

Now, I work in hospitality in Hong Kong, managing projects in a fascinating cultural context. I feel much happier and more confident. I will always credit Neill for helping empower me to be fearless about my career. I recommend him with no reservations.

Global Innovation Consultant

“Neill is a fantastic leadership coach.”

Neill is a fantastic leadership coach. I have been working with Neill for the past six months and have seen immediate and measurable results. Neill’s experience as a management consultant and passion for professional development and organizational culture enables Neill to quickly relate to new industries and team dynamics, providing perspective and actionable insight.

Through a series of collaborative exercises, Neill and I partnered to outline my professional values which helped me to develop long-term goals, evaluate near-term opportunities, and build a plan to address areas for improvement. Taking time to plan goals and critically evaluate steps required to achieve them is both empowering and personally motivating.

I’d like to thank Neill for his guidance and support and look forward to working together in 2017.

Managing Director Leading Digital Advertising Agency

“I couldn’t be happier…”

Neill helped me face one of the toughest decisions I’ve made in my adult life. My husband and I had been debating an exodus from the Midwest for years – hoping to move to the West Coast. We were both very comfortable in successful careers and it never seemed like the right time to uproot our lives and give up the stability a supportive community of colleagues, friends and family offer.

Working with Neill helped me flip my view on this by taking a step back and realizing the long term cost of NOT taking a chance. After my husband found a role in our new city, Neill helped me craft a plan of action to approach my employer about creating a role for me. By clearly articulating my own value to the company – I was able to make the case to work remote and stay on in a role I love. I couldn’t be happier that we made the move and the help from Neill in successfully navigating both the emotional fear and professional logistics of the transition!”

Major Internet Media Company Leader

“His passion and wisdom come from an authentic place…”

Throughout my career, a number of mentors and outside coaches have added value to my life in the business world. However, the most impactful change in me started and continues because of working with a coach like Neill.

He challenges me in ways I need to get beyond my self limiting thinking and open up my mind to a new world of possibility. He provides great insights and tools, combined with empathy and support, to help people discover their full potential and how to live a fearless life.

His passion and wisdom come from an authentic place of one who has stepped fully into the journey of discovery many people long for but never start.

Oil & Gas Industry Executive

“It is a lucky thing…”

Neill provided a sounding board against which I could bounce opportunities and weigh the pros and cons of each, as well as determine whether they were the right fit for what I wanted out of my career going forward. Additionally, he helped me take the ‘so what?’ from this exercise and give thought to whether my values were in alignment with my actions. This is important to becoming a whole person, I think.

Neill also has a unique and persistent way of making you consider the ‘what if?’ of pursuing your dreams. This isn’t easy for everyone to think about, but it is a lucky thing to work with a coach who forces you to go there, no matter the outcome.

HR Professional

Time and time again he has gone the extra mile to ask the hard questions.

When thinking about Neill’s approach to a career there’s only one word that comes to mind – fulfillment. 

Neill’s customized curriculum is centered in the value it provides to one’s life not just the title and perks behind your next role. 

He taps into components like the values you care most about, the fears that are keeping you from them, and the characteristics that are vital to ensure the next position doesn’t end like your last. 

Time and time again he has gone the extra mile to ask the hard questions. Always helping to develop the conversation to keep things positive and on the right track. At the end of the day, his bottom line is finding you a position/industry that you deem fulfilling and valuable. 

Recent College Graduate & Job Searcher

“Neill made a great first impression on me!”

I met Neill through a former colleague I worked with in my public accounting days, so he knows just how energetic I am and how ambitious I am to feel accomplished. My colleague was well aware of my growing unhappiness in my CPA world and suggested I reach out to Neill. So I reached out and set up a time to talk to a complete stranger, but warm referrals have a way of making you feel more comfortable.

Within the first few minutes of talking to Neill, I could tell he had “swag” and an energy about him that was infectious. His stories are personal and he shows you that he’s vulnerable too, which immediately knocks down walls and made me comfortable to open up. A coach is someone who you trust and must feel a connection with in order to be truly transparent and self-reflective; Neill made a great first impression on me!

Ex-CPA turned career explorer